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Balaton, Pécsely

Pécsely Község Címere

Our enterprise can be found in the small village Pécsely in the Balaton Uplands. The village was formed in 1942 by merging two settlements: Nagypécsely and Nemespécsely.

You can turn off towards Pécsely on highway 71 along the north shore of the Balaton at Aszófõ, Balatonudvari or Balatonakali. Pécsely is located 5 kilometers from the Balaton in in the vicinity of Balatonfüred. The village lies in the Pécsely basin encircled by hills.

The sights pertaining to the Pécsely area include the Zádor or Himfy castle. The castle was built on mount Derék (also known as mount Zádor) at the end of the XIV. century. There have been many tales told of the castle but in reality it played no role in history. The perhaps most beautiful basin of the Balaton uplands is situated in this area with opulent vegetation and an abundant stream; no wonder that many people come here on hikes and excursions. Its worth seeing the "kopjafa" carved wooden jousting poles used as headstones and the charming folk houses in the Hosszú (long) street.

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