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The company carries out its activities according to the regulation system MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015.
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EN ISO 9001 : 2015 hungarian

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The principle of our quality policy:

"Quality qualifies"

So as to ensure our quality goals we have determined our
quality policy according to the following:

1. We have introduced and are operating the quality management system set up according to the regulation MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015.

2. We aim to fully satisfy the expectations of our costumers with our products and the services related. This is why we:
  • inspect the quality of our products continually
  • expand based on the needs of our costumers
  • comply with the delivery deadlines

  • 3. We raise the standard of our production culture through the constant developing of intellectual and technical sources. For this reason we strive to:
  • fulfill all requirements of our costumers
  • select reliable suppliers
  • constantly train our employees
  • expand on our quality skills
  • protect our environment; diminish the strain to the environment

  • 4. The quality control system we have introduced assures the diminution of faults and losses through prevention, which is why we emphasize:
  • the improvement of our colleagues quality consciousness
  • the adaptation of quality techniques for the prevention of faults
  • the constant reinforcement of costumer satisfaction
  • the continuous development of our measuring methods

  • This quality control regulation system MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 provides the following:

    For our partners:
  • Clear-cut goals and activities
  • The promise of effective cooperation
  • Reliable quality of our products and services
  • Fast and efficient reaction to customer requirements
  • High level customer satisfaction

  • For the holders:
  • The feeling of security as to how high quality work contributes to our business success
  • It invokes trust that we reinforce the reputation of our company and products through reliable quality

  • For the directors:
  • Quality, as a decisive aspect of the company management
  • Opportunity for regular and independent reviews
  • Methods of determining quality goals and requirements
  • Confirmation of our efficiency to ourselves and the outside world
  • The opportunity to recognize our true capacities

  • For the employees:
  • The planned activity of quality control
  • Opportunity for regular input of opinions
  • Unambiguous tasks, responsibilities and authority, the joy of activities
  • Opportunity for development and purposeful and efficient training

  • For our suppliers:
  • Unambiguously determined requirements
  • Trust in view of a long-term relationship

  • In order to achieve our goals all employees of the company are actively contributors therefore the forming and constant developing of our quality consciousness is extremely important.
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